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Green Bay’s Local, Independent
and Trusted Pharmacy

Streu’s Pharmacy Bay Natural

Streu’s Pharmacy Bay Natural has been one of Green Bay’s most trusted independent pharmacies for more than 65 years. Both community staples, Streu’s Pharmacy was founded in 1954, and the original Bay Natural store followed in 1959. The two businesses merged in 2005, bringing together the best local offerings in pharmacy, health and wellness.

Streu’s Pharmacy goes above and beyond just filling prescriptions

In serving both individual community customers as well as a majority of the region’s long-term care facilities, Streu’s Pharmacy offers a host of value-added, personalized services; combines traditional and holistic approaches; and adheres to a deep commitment to treat each patient with care and compassion. In everything we do, we aim to practice smarter and serve better, advancing health and elevating care for our whole community.

We believe the role of the pharmacist goes far beyond just filling prescriptions and dispensing medications. Everything we do at Streu’s Pharmacy aims to deliver positive patient outcomes. All of our services are offered with purpose and intention, designed to remove barriers and enhance care. Our number one goal is to meet patients where they are, on a human level – no matter how simple or complex their needs – and to deliver the services they need with empathy, kindness and compassion.

While we’re happy to fill a simple prescription, we specialize in complex medication regimens for our patients dealing with multiple disease states. We see ourselves as advocates for those we serve and work closely with providers and prescribers as part of a collaborative, comprehensive healthcare team.

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The Streu’s Pharmacy Vision and Mission

Our vision at Streu’s Pharmacy Bay Natural is a community in which the health needs of all are fully met with care and compassion.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality pharmacy services above and beyond dispensing medications, with an emphasis on compassion and personal connection; a commitment to innovation, training and expertise; for every individual need, no matter how complex; and in a way that reinforces our reputation for excellence with customers, prescribers and the community.

We are ACHC accredited

We are proud to be accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). That means we adhere to the core principles that achievement represents, which include:

  • A demonstrated commitment to quality
  • A point of differentiation from our competitors
  • A drive to continuously improve in all measures

Our Leadership

Jeff Kirchner
Jeff Kirchner, RPh
Chief Executive Officer/Owner

As CEO, Jeff leads all strategic business efforts as well as working in the pharmacy. He has a long history with Streu’s Pharmacy, having started working as a delivery driver at age 16 when his father owned the business. He went on to become a pharmacist and eventually a partner, taking over as CEO when his father retired in 2000. He’s always most enjoyed connecting with customers, some of whom have been patronizing Streu’s so long they remember him as a teenager working in the store. He also deeply values the people he works with every day and is proud to have had the privilege of counting many team members, past and present, as good friends. Jeff’s an aspiring photographer who enjoys traveling and golf. He and his wife of 30 years, Lori, have three grown children and were recently thrilled to become grandparents for the first time.

Jane Kozicki

Quality Assurance Director/Owner

Jane, who has been a member of the team since 1996, wears many hats at Streu’s Pharmacy! She serves as the Quality Assurance Director for pharmacy operations, ensuring the pharmacy maintains the highest level of accuracy and integrity with every service it offers and every prescription it fills. She also leads the Streu’s team in Kaizen events to review processes, improve efficiency and minimize waste. An RN at heart, Jane is also an active member of the Streu’s nursing staff, handling health screening appointments and administering vaccines and injections. She enjoys getting to know patients during repeat visits and while providing educational and nursing services, as well as fostering growth among employees through professional and leadership development. Jane has been handmaking and painting porcelain dolls for more than 25 years. When she’s not at work or painting her dolls, you can find Jane and her husband kayaking the many lakes and rivers of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan or traveling to visit their two adult children.

Nicole Schreiner

Clinical Services Manager/Owner

Helping patients understand their medications and feel better about their overall health is Nicole’s favorite thing about her job. In addition, she finds her career rewarding when she can positively impact people’s lives – whether it be a patient or a member of her pharmacy team. She joined the Streu’s Pharmacy team in 1998. Nicole currently serves on the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin Board of Directors, as well as the organization’s Long-Term Care Board. She also volunteers for a small non-profit called Medical Aid to Northern Uganda, serving as a board member and participating in medical mission trips. This avid traveler was recently able to fulfill two longtime goals: a trip to Bora Bora, where she and her husband stayed in an overwater bungalow; and a trip to Kenya in which she visited the house from her very favorite movie, Out of Africa. 

Steve Schramm

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Steve is responsible for overall operations of both the community and the long-term care pharmacy divisions, as well as the Bay Natural retail store. A member of the Streu’s Pharmacy team since 2007, Steve thrives each day on helping patients live a better quality of life by providing services tailored to meet their unique needs. One of Steve’s favorite hobbies is to travel, with Europe being his favorite destination. He’s also an avid competitor when it comes to pretty much any sport or game but, beware: anyone who takes him on should know that his competitive streak means he’s in it to win it.

Kim Vanderloop

Finance Manager/Human Resource Executive

Finances. Billing. Payroll. Hiring. Employee Records. Building Maintenance. When it comes to keeping the wheels turning for the Streu’s Pharmacy team, Kim – who has been with Streu’s since 2008 – is the person who handles it. Kim is proud to lead her team in staying connected to patients to ensure their accounts are accurate, confidential and have up-to-date information. When she’s not at work, you’ll find Kim relaxing at her Northwoods cabin, one of her favorite places to have a bonfire and listen to the birds sing, living out her motto of “life is too short.” This grandmother-to-be is never happier than when she is surrounded by her large family: her amazing husband; her son, future daughter-in-law; daughter and son-in-law; her parents who just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary; and her seven siblings who have helped, along with her, to grow her “immediate” family to more than 80 people!

Matt Ansay

Long-Term Care Pharmacy Manager

Matt joined the Streu’s Pharmacy family in 2016 and recently accepted the position of Long-Term Care Pharmacy Manager to ensure the department runs like clockwork and best serves the needs of patients. He appreciates the opportunity to work individually with each patient and their team of doctors, nurses and case managers. It always gives Matt a boost when he hears about how a medication tweak or adjustment he suggested made a difference by reducing side effects, enhancing desired effects or keeping a patient independent for longer. An avid Green Bay Packers fan – go figure! – Matt loves nothing more than to host friends and family for pre-game tailgates, even if he’s not personally attending the game. He and his wife even unofficially call themselves the “Green Bay Tailgate Outfitting Company.” When not tailgating, Matt loves to spend time outside hiking, biking, walking or running with his wife and dog.

John Lemke

Community Pharmacy Managing Pharmacist

John’s main goal as the lead pharmacist in our community pharmacy? Each and every day, he aims to provide a level of clinical care that shifts the view of a pharmacy to that of a patient-provider relationship, and not simply one of a purchaser-purveyor of goods. He’s been with Streu’s Pharmacy since 2014 and feels the best thing he can do for those he serves is to provide genuine care as a member of a patient’s healthcare team. While he takes his work very seriously, he’s also a stand-up comic who loves to spend time outside of work writing jokes or doing pencil drawings.

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